Monday, June 17, 2013

Heroes Con 2013 and Savannah Georgia!

Another Heroes Con has come and gone, and while I did hear some disheartening things from some, I am glad to say it was still a great show for us! We managed to make the trek through Tropical Storm Andrea thanks in large part to our pal Vanessa Banky Farano. I will say, I was a nervous wreck the whole way up there because driving long distances on unfamiliar roads at high speeds in the rain is a huge phobia of mine. 

I did quite a few commissions at the show. Most of them are posted on my facebook page, so be sure to add me! Here are a few highlights. I got to draw this Gwen Stacy vs the Alien Symbiote on a scan of an Amazing Spider man cover. I thought it was a pretty cheap alternative to what getting ahold of one of these would have cost. 

As most people know, I'm not much of a Star Trek fan. I do like the new movies, but that's about it. I was of course a bit hesitant to do this commission of Spock, but I was really happy with it. I know Tribbles don't have eyes, but come on. How cute is he?

There were a group of guys there called Frank's Comics. They were creating custom buttons for anyone who brought their artwork to them. So someone commissioned me to draw a few Sugar Boogarz for them. This Silver Surfer was my favorite. What a great idea. As a result of my meeting them, rest assured, you'll be seeing buttons at my table soon!

On the way back from Charlotte, Banky decided she wanted to do lunch in her old stomping grounds of Savannah, Georgia. Far be it from me to complain since I'd never been before. The city was gorgeous. I loved all the greenery and the old architecture.

We grabbed a bite to eat at a cool little pizza joint called the Mellow Mushroom. It was super noms.

We ended our excursion on River Street at the Savannah Candy store. I felt like I was Charlie in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Leave it to me to find what seems to be quickly be becoming my calling card and signature. The Candy Corn. 

Monday, June 03, 2013

Wizard World Philadelphia 2013 in review!

Our first Wizard Philly convention is in the books. We had a lot of fun despite a few hiccups, (Like Cena not signing the whole time he was supposed to, and the city itself being a little dirtier than we would have liked) and will be back again.

Philly was a lot hotter than we thought. I guess we should have expected that, since supposedly it's ALWAYS sunny there.
Right off the bat we met up with our good friends Sugar Fueled, Urbnpop, and Scott Blair. Urbnpop swore that we would love eating at the Reading Street Terminal Market. The place was like a HUGE food convention. So Many choices.
Of course I had to start my trip to Philly with a genuine Cheesesteak. It didn't let me down. Nom nom.
Belly's full, we headed back to the convention center to set up. Toni always does an awesome job. 
After a pretty good first day, we headed back to the hotel, passing tons of great architecture along the way. This church was pretty amazing.
As tired as I was, we still headed over to the Marriott for a few drinks. There I got to meet Ray Park. Helluva guy!
Day 2 started with this great commission. What a cool idea for a super team!

I also got to do these 2 commissions. A Walking Dead Sketch cover and this Iron Man and Cap team up piece.
Night time had us stumble into Max Brenner's Chocolate Eatery. Just sitting in there made you feel like you were in a chocolate bar. We decided to try a mix your own White Russian. I felt all mad scientist like. It was sooooo good. 
Although I know it was supposed to say Cacao these bags were arranged as such, where it made you think they were full of something else.
Yeah, this building at night. The photo doesn't credit how cool it was at night.
The next morning we found ourselves back at the Reading Terminal. This breakfast sandwich from Smuckers was breath taking. Seriously.

More commissions from day 3!
And I could not believe someone cos played as DC comics WILD DOG. I LOVED this book as a kid. I wish they'd bring it back.
After being chased by an obscenity shouting bum for several blocks, we found our way to the Hard Rock cafe. This plate of delicious nachos helped celebrate a very successful day three!

Commissions from day 4!
I got to meet both Dixon Brothers from the Walking Dead. Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker. THAT pic can be seen on my facebook page. But here I'm pictured with that dastardly lovable Merle and the sketch cover I drew of him.

We wrapped up our trip with an early evening stroll around the city. In the midst of this concrete jungle we found Rittenhouse Square park. Lovely little spot to chill and hang out. 
All in all it was worth the trip. I'm sure we'll be back!
Now to prep for Heroes Con in Charlotte!