Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hey so...Locoduck Studios actually feels more like a STUDIO lately. I've had some help on my cards. I've brought my oldest daughter Hailey into the coloring mix as well as my hunny bunny Toni. Both of them are doing a bang up job of assisting me. And even my littlest angel has added her color splash here and there. So keep your eyes out for cards bearing extra signatures. You might just pull a family jam card!
In addition to helping me on the art front, they all are usually in tow at the cons. If you see one of their beautiful smiling faces, it's because they are representing while I'm drawing!
The best news is Toni will be handling the organizing and structuring of my projects and commissions. I'll be creating a specific email address for all business transactions, and she's sure to keep things in order! :0)
Life should be a lot easier with her helping out.
Lots of card sets and conventions to speak of...but that news a little later. Just know that Locoduck Studios is going to be popping up a lot more!

BTW the Rancors don't have any specific meaning, other than to show my cool collection of one of my favorite Star Wars characters. I've acquired all three of them over the past few months. And hey, maybe each one represents the growing studio. :0)