Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Comics

So some of you may or may not realize this, but comics have always been my first love. I would love to one day get to write and or draw for one of the big names. But until that day, I have plenty of stories to tell on my own. And I have even published several of them with a HUGE thanks to Ka-Blam comics. Not only are the books quality, but so are the people that run the show, Barry and Jenni Gregory, Thomas Florimonte and Mikey McElroy.
So what I am doing starting this week is making my books available for you guys to read free. I'd love to get everyone's input on the stories as they become available.
To bribe you for your comments I will be giving away one free Personal Sketch card of the winners choice pulled from all comments made on different posts this week. In addition, I will give away one free Sketch Card at random to one person who comments in this week's comic's thread.
So that means my readers have a chance at winning two free sketch cards this week.
Tragic the Clown will be the first comic posted!
Thanks to everyone for their comments and support so far.
And congrats to last week's sketch card winner. Brent Ragland. Drop me an email at Brent and we can get you set up.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake

.....and here is your camp counselor Jason Voorhees. He's very into fitness, he will make sure your kids get a great work out, and is constantly on the run. He's great in shop class, really knows his way around tools. He'll work with your child's vocal chords, and is very creative. Kids are constantly challenged by him. More importantly he will make sure there is no co-ed fraternization between camp members.

Anyone else see the new movie? I enjoyed it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Sketch Cards and such

I'm pretty swamped with thought right now. Something massive is looming and although decisions have been made and actions are about to take place, I am still certain this current private issue will haunt me for the rest of my life and hopefully not after.
Regardless, I am trying to continue updating my blog with certain frequency.
And as the title says I'm giving away free sketch cards. Unfortunately they aren't the ones pictured up top. Those are just a few Indy Masterpiece Panoramics I wanted to share. I thought they were fun.
What I am giving away this week is a free Sketch Card from Lord of the Rings Masterpieces. You don't get to see who it's by, or what it's of. That's part of the surprise. But I don't really collect Sketch cards myself, so why not pass them on to you.
How do you win? Well you just comment. That simple. If you comment on one of my posts from this point forward, you get your name thrown into the weeks drawing. One entry per comment in each entry. So if I I do three different blog posts and you comment in each one, you get three entries. I will draw a name at random next Thursday. Then I'll send the winner the card free of charge. Not a bad incentive for typing a few words huh? You don't have to be a blogger member to comment, but if you do, at least include a first name so I know who wins.
So get to commenting, there is swag to be had!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The way of things

So I am desperately trying to get my commissions out of the way to focus more on drawing for me. I always believed it was more fun when I did it that way. The truth is I have never been much of a conformist when it comes to drawing. For the most part, I draw what, when and how I want to. I haven't been doing as much of that as I like to lately. Truth of the matter is, I draw for a living at work. It's a great job, and I have fun and live comfortably doing it. But there are times when I get home from having drawn for 5 plus hours straight, and then I just want to sit on my ass and watch mindless drivel, (American Idol, Survivor) and some not so mindless, (Lost, Lie To Me, Dollhouse, How I Met Your Mother)
But I'm trying to shake that. Since there is a lot I want to do still. All kinds of creation bouncing round inside this little Loco head of mine.
So I am close to getting to that point.
In the coming months, there will be updates to the sites, Mine, Blogger, Myspace, Facebook and DeviantArt.
I am working on a few projects of a personal nature and a couple of professional ones.
It looks like a good buDdy of mine and I are going to be forming a creative alliance to make some fantastic cartooning goodness. We've collaborated successfully before, why not keep building on it. He remains one of the most awe inspiring creative forces I have known and only great things can come of us continuing to work together.
I plan on putting some social drawing interactions together.
I will be posting Tragic the Clown here so anyone can read it for free. I still think it is a story that should have been read more.
And I plan on giving away free sketch cards.
But most of all, I plan to start drawing more for ME again. After all that's what kept it an escape to begin with.
In the meantime, here is one of those pieces/projects I had bouncing round the head.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Big Bad and Red

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a healthy obsession with all characters fairy tale. My favorite of the bunch is Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
Ever since I started working at Caricature Connection I have been dabbling with water color. Before this gig hit almost 5 years ago now I wouldn't dare pick up a brush. I was absolutely intimidated and turned off by the medium. But I have to work with it everyday. And the funniest thing is, I started to enjoy it. I want to continue to explore the medium more, and this was my first attempt. I did a basic sketch and then just started it straight with watercolor. It wasn't until the very end that I added some small blocks of ink. Overall it came out pretty close to my idea of the finished project.