Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Return of the Duck

Okay wow, so it's been since August 7th that I posted anything?!? Well a very brief reason why that happened is as follows.
I've gotten a divorce, watched my daughters move a thousand miles away, and had to relocate myself. I'm still in Orlando, and my skin is thick. Life goes on Indy.
I'm hurting more than I care to let on, but I am putting on my Tragic the Clown makeup and allowing life to continue, to take me on a new adventure.
I love my babies more than life itself, and they continue to be a part of my every waking thought. I will be a part of their life so I try not to be down about the indirectness of that involvement. Seeing them will just be like a constant Christmas I can't wait to get to!
As Evita sang out. Don't cry for me Argentina.
So now it's back to work. I just wrapped up and was approved on all my Marvel Masterpieces 3 cards. I will post scans this week.
And now it's on to Indiana Jones Masterpieces for Topps. I am doing 360 total cards, and they include 30 Panoramic cards as well.
The artwork below is a teaser for the set that was featured in the sell sheet for the set.
That's all for now folks. Much LocoLove.