Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Recent Sketch Card Commissions

Heroes are out of the way, wrapped up and shipped. What a great project that was. I am so jazzed about the new season and the dvd release now more than ever. Can't wait till the set hits stores in October.
Now it's time to wrap up some lingering commissions as well. I have quite the backlog. Here are some cards that went out today.
Okay breaks over, back to work.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

R.I.P. Cinderella

SO two year olds are funny. They do the darndest things, and get into the strangest of messes. My Maya is no different. She's on a "play in the toilet" kick.
We close the door, but it does no good, since she reaches the door knob. Assuming that she was quietly playing in the play room was dumb on our part, and the other day we found her playing with several of her little tub toy Disney Princesses in the potty. We pulled them all out, gave her a stern what for, and that was that. Until my wife tried to clean the toilet, and it wouldn't flush. I quickly took inventory and realized that Snow White and Cinderella had gone missing.
Reluctantly I plunged my arm into the toilet and found the ass end of one of them blocking the drain. After some manuvering with a screw driver, I managed to free Snow White.
But the toilet still would not flush all the way.
So I took the screw driver and found that Cinderella was jammed way in to deep, but would not budge.
Eventually I managed to snake her deeper into the drain, but only had a slow flush come out of it.
Early the next morning I was at Home Depot buying a Plumbing Snake. And to make this long story short, was able to push Cinderella all the way through and into the sewer system below.
So did she drown, did she committ suicide, or did I kill her?
Whatever the conclusion you may come to, she's gone. She leaves behind several other tub toy BFF's and a two year old determined to continue to play in the toilet.
In her honor, I'll share this piece I drew several months back. It's, in my opinion a bit "crappy"...(PUN INTENDED)....But here it is nonetheless.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ready for Business LOCODUCK STUDIOS

Hah. Well there are a few more things that I need to add to it, but alas, my baby is born. For years now I have so wanted a tudio space of my own. After all for the longest time my studio space consisted of my lap.
So when it was time to move, I made sure I found a place where I could set up shop.
Low and behold, we found one.
Here is the Locoduck Studio in all it's rough glory. I'll be spending entirely too much time here I'm sure. So I made sure to leave a space where my girls can hang out as well. And thanks to that amazingly large drawing table (thanks Ted, Kenny, and ESPECIALLY KEELAN), there is enough room for me to draw side by side with my 6 year old.
Now that my domain is in order, it's back to work. On commissions, personal projects, and oh yeah, that HEROES thing.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back from the dead

So it's been a long tiring month, and I apologize for my blatent lack of posts. But it looks like we are finally getting settled into our new place, and before you know it, I'll have an official studio space to work in. (so excited)
Anyway, a bit of news, looks like I will be working on the upcoming TOPPS TRADING CARD Series HEROES. Not only a bitchin show, but a huge break. I love the NBC series and now I'll be drawing 150 sketch cards.
As soon as I have clearance I'll start showing some samples.
In the meantime, as I mentioned, I'm tired. Be back with more in a few days. Promise.