Sunday, August 14, 2011

Galaxgals : The story! Card 3

Georgia felt only a slight pressure of traveling incredible speeds through space. The alien space craft she was in was quiet, and she could hear not even a breath escape her captor.
Within moments, a set of lights like she'd only seen in Star Wars movies engulfed their domed cruiser.
In an instant she blacked out.
It seemed like only a moment, but when she groggily came to, all she could see was a small floating space port with neon light signs advertising live nude aliens.
Georgia took a hard swallow, and held her breath. Things were about to become even stranger.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Galaxgals : The story! Card 2

Georgia was usually a pretty heavy sleeper, but on this night for whatever reason, she awakened to the slight sounds of what could only be described as boogers squishing against a trash can lid. 
Before she could turn around everything went black. 
Feeling like she had just slept for a year, she opened her groggy eyes only to feel encompassed by the deepest stars in space. She couldn't move, she couldn't speak. Her arms were bound tightly together by a strange vibrating light chain, and seating directly in front of her was a gruesome and green bug eyed space man. 
Glancing out the window, Georgia saw a site that terrified her even more. Planet Earth, moving farther and farther away!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Galaxgals : The story! Card 1

Yeah, I guess I had promised this a while back. So here we go with card one. (BTW still working on a few kinks for the website, but it's coming.)

Georgia Star was your typical Midwest farmers daughter. In her very early twenties, she was still at that point that many young girls her age were. Wanting to live life, experience something, ANYTHING different.
She had seen her share of back woods boys, and romped through the corn fields a time or two. She'd even been her high school's Prom Queen.
Still, the sleepy farming community that she lived in presented little excitement, and even less adventure.
Every night, Georgia, who was a good God fearing beauty, would say her prayers and make the same wish.
"Lord, I know you've given me family, friends, fun and looks, but I pray that you'll deliver me a life, read about only in books. And a sleek new car. "
Little did Georgia know, that on THIS night, she'd get more than she'd ever hoped for.