Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Slave Jessica....

I guess I am on a weird draw jessica as kick. This is mixed watercolor and marker sandwich. And is currently available on Ebay. I'll be figuring out the winner of last week's sketch card drawings sometime this weekend, so there is still time to enter and win!
Now I should probably get ready for an excrutiatingly loooooooong day of caricaturing. Whew, I love my job, but a twelve hour shift can really be a kick in the pants.
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fan Days

I just got confirmation that I will be appearing for Star Wars Fan Days III this year in Plano Texas. I'll be rubbing elbows with a ton of my favorite artists and peers that I have worked with on many Topps card sets. it will be good to see them again. The show is in October and you can get more details by visiting

Thanks everyone who has commented on Tragic both here and else where. I know for some reason some of you weren't able to click through to it, if you want to try typing into your browser, that is a direct link.

I'm also getting really excited, because I get to visit my daughters next week. I cannot wait!

Anywho, here is a little something I did a few days ago as part of a long overdue commission. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tragic The Clown

So I have written many stories before, but none of them have been more personal than Tragic the Clown. It came about at a very rough point in my life. A time when I knew that my marriage was on its final legs. It is a story that one probably would be surprised to see in comic book form, but since I was a kid, comics were always an escape. They were a way for me to deal with the hosts of other bullshit that I was coping with in life. Anytime something seemed to be going wrong in my life, I drew to deal with it.
Tragic the Clown came at a point in my life when I believed that love was in deed a figment of imagination. That it was something that could possibly never exist. I worked very hard on the story and gave it almost a year of my life. I was very proud of it when I published it and had a stack of freshly baked books ready to sell at Megacon one year. Unfortunately, I sold about two copies. My poor personal "Chasing Amy" story got shoved to the side while my sketchbooks, and other items got picked up instead. I ended up giving many copies of my book away. To my somewhat bittersweet delight, every person that read it, seemed to love it. I know I do. And I hope that you will too. Please take some time to read it all the way through. I would love to hear your comments on it, and will respond to every single one. In addition everyone who reads and comments on THIS post in particular will be eligible for a free sketch card drawing. Hell if the feedback is heartfelt and good enough, I may just give everyone that responds a card.
So click on the illustration below and enjoy.

Click HERE to read the Tragic Story