Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wizard World Miami

Wow, it's been a whole month since I've posted anything to my blog. I will state again what a pain in the ass it is to not have regular internet access, but rest assured, I have blog entries planned for the next several days. I'm trying to get back on track. I'm a bit behind on card sets, and commissions but have put a plan in motion to have everything done and ready to ship by the 18th. Well maybe the 19th since dreaded tax day is on my target date. I also plan on updating the blog a bit and merging it a little with my website.
Okay, so on to the good stuff. I've done two conventions in the past two months so we will start with my report from Wizard World Miami!!
This was the first time I had done Wizard World Miami, and the first time Wizard held a show there. It was a last minute invite, and a last minute decision to go. We almost didn't make it as my fiance got sick at the zero hour and she was driving. But absolutely refusing to miss out, I threw my two co-pilots in the car and we headed out. Not too bad of a set up.
Hailey had done conventions with me before but she was especially excited about this one. One of our favorite items for sale, (and the con goers as well) was the little ashcan book I put together called Justin VS. It was a fun little 24 page book with many fun and creative ways to see Justin B bite the dust. She was a bit reluctant, but my youngest let me use her doll to push sales.
I was set up next to my good bud Dennis Hart. We had a blast working together as usual. Sometimes it's hard to consider this work when you have so much fun with such awesomely talented people.
We drew caricatures at the show as well. Anywhere I go, I just can't escape that calling. Always a crowd pleaser and a definite money maker.
Maya even sold her first original. I had to capture the first dollar sale she ever made.
And Hailey busted her ass off at the show to sell for daddy. Hands down the best booth babe a guy could ask for.
Of course she paused for her fair share of pictures as well.
And I had to as well. I'm a sucker for a good Red Riding Hood.
Ultimately however, Maya proves to be the biggest ham when it comes to posing for pictures. Here she is with the super sexy Black Cat.
One of my favorite Droids!
A steampunk Baroness.
And a couple of cute mutants!
I took the girls over to meet WWE superstar and one of my favorites of all time, Big Daddy Cool Diesel Kevin Nash. He was super pleasant with them, and Maya made the statement, "I can't stand next to him, I'm too little."
He must've found her adorable enough to hook her up with an autograph, which she is super proud of.
The show wasn't all play and no work for me. I did a handful of commissions. Sadly I only got pictures of a few. A Kit Fisto,
And a Zombie Super Man. Eeww. 
And there's the Wizard World Miami wrap up. Check back in a few days for the run down on Megacon!!

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locoduckfan said...

Looks like an awesome trip! As usual your artwork was stellar!