Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Star Wars Galaxy 6 Base Card Art

I think that since the set officially hits the streets tomorrow, it's okay to finally share my base card art for Galaxy 6.

One of the biggest goals I wanted to achieve working with Topps was to contribute a base card for the regular set. It took some time but FINALLY, after 5ish years, that goal has been scored!
I had a handful of ideas that I submitted, and one was for a hammerhead to be roughing up a few Jawas in the cantina.
I was quickly reminded that the Ithorians were a peaceful race. I blanked. Which were the Ithorians?!? The Jawas or the Hammerheads? After looking it up on the internet I had my answer and restructured my Hammerhead to be a little more peaceful.
I'm pretty jazzed about this and happy with my coloring job too. Now that that goal is out of the way, I'm looking toward making that first million!


Keelan Parham said...

Whoa. Beautiful piece. Love the coloring.

locoduckfan said...

congrats Mike! I love the write-up on the back of the card too!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I might be a bad person but the idea of a Jawa getting beat up by Hammerhead makes me laugh.

Are those frog butterflies already part of Star Wars or did you make those up and sneak them in?