Tuesday, April 19, 2011

About those commissions....

Although informative, I know it's a bit of a bland post, so I'll steal a page from my friend Kenny Durkin and post an interesting photo I found on the net here instead.

Okay, so a few tight deadlines were made, and there isn't an immediate con in sight that needs my attention, so I can FINALLY clear off my commission list.
I was able to get everything organized and ready to mow through.
Unless an act of God stops me, I should be through my list by the end of the month. Either, way here is the best way to check the progress of your order.
To the right I have a commission list. It is in the current order I am working on things. As I complete one, I will remove it. For the most part I plan to tackle them chronologically.

Some items HAVE or WILL go out this week that aren't on the list.  Please if you do not see your name in the list and are waiting on something give me at least a week before contacting me about it. Chances are if your name isn't there, it's scheduled to go out this week.

I have a few blog posts planned for the rest of the week so keep dropping in.

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