Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MEGACON 2011 Wrap-up

SO less than one month after doing Miami, it was time for another con. FINALLY, the DUCK had come MEGACON!!! (of course, my con buddy Dennis was at my side!)
Wanting to make things special for the girls, I decided to let them dress up for the event. What a dedicated daddy! Not only did I manage to prep for the show, but I also put two costumes together for the show. Maya decided to be Poison Ivy. I decided the adult version was a bit much for my 6 year old, so we made her Petite Posion Ivy, or Lil Ivy as we called her. 
Maya kept her costume on for all of about an hour before she was done. She got some attention at the show as well. Getting several nods from the more grown up versions Ivy and even the occasional picture request. See it's Posion Ivy times 2!
But Hailey's HITGIRL seemed to bring the most attention. She decided to keep count of all the pictures people asked to take of her. 66 was her final count. But there were several others nabbing pictures as they walked by.
Some of my favorites Hitgirl moments were with her sister, and Alex the wolf Jedi. (Pic by Cary Bivins!)
Hitgirl taking Kenny Durkin's son Alex hostage, much to his chagrin through the whole show. I think she was crushing.
There were a few other Hitgirls in attendance as well. Hailey was worried her costume wouldn't look right. But I'd say we did a good job. 
Thomas Florimonte of Ka-Blam also known to my girls as Frog Butt, hung out with Hitgirl too!

I got to see HitGirl with J. Scott Campbell's Danger Girl!
And my favorite HitGirl picture of the show was with Kick Ass himself. WIN!
And while not MY daughter, she could call me big daddy if she wanted to. Damn did I say that out loud?
There were a ton of other cool costumes at the show. I wish I had been able to snap more photos but I was glued to my table most of the show. Check out this smoking Tigra!
An amazing Chun-Li from Street Fighter.
From DC Comics Stars and STRIPE. Stargirl.
A very convincing Christopher Reeves Superman. I really think he got into his role more than ANYONE ever who has cos-played in their life.
And Maya, didn't ham it up as much as the last show, but she still snuck into a picture or two.
As did I. Jessica Allen Steele as an Abbey Chase that you just HAVE to see in person to appreciate how great she looks. 

And Speaking of Abbey Chase. The amazing J. Scott Campbell was in attendance at this years show. I had to get my daughters over to his table to meet the man who I truly believe has been my biggest personal hero and inspiration in art.
Another inspiring and talented guy was my other table neighbor, Mike Groves also known as POOPBIRD! So naturally when you put a Locoduck next to a Poopbird, the feathers are sure to fly. I wanted to strangle him for being so mega awesome.
This years show also brought a first for me. I got to participate in a How To Draw Star Wars panel with Jason Sobol, Rhiannon Owens, and James "Buckshot" Buchasas (spelling?). Hitgirl took the picture but, that's me on the far right.

I taught the crown how to draw a cool cartoon Rancor monster, and had some cool results. It was nice to see that my steps were easy to follow. This gal took the fact that I drew at Disney and incorporated it into her draw. She also won the original!

This little guy did such a good job as well that he took home an original piece too. A wookie I had drawn!
As much fun as that was, I had commissions that needed finishing as well. Like this Thundarr!
And this piece done for the incredibly talented Echo Chernik of Echo Chernik
And since Cartoon Zombies are what sells for me, I had to do this poor ill-fated Woody.
Overall we had a great time at Megacon, and while I didn't get to walk around nearly as much as I wanted to, I am sure we will be back again next year!

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