Friday, April 15, 2011

Naughty Potter

I have to say this was a commission, and the request called for a SUPER SEXY HERMOINE. So I aged her a bit, and this was the end result.
A small story for those of you who don't know, but I was mercilessly ridiculed as a teen in high school for the way I drew my girls. A handful of douche bag bullies tended to tell me that my girls looked "ugly"and like "guys"
That kind of negativity didn't drive me into a corner to pity myself, nor did it make me give up. Instead it pushed me to draw some of the sexiest most cheese cake drenched darlings I could.
I'd say it's taken some time, but mission accomplished. Many people who collect my work actually know me for my babe-a-licious ilustrations and I wear that badge with pride today.
In closing I'd just like to say to all of you ass monkeys with the negativity. Fuck you, fuck you very much.


Zachary said...

Awesome Work Mike!!! Your art is some of the most babe-a-licious art out there!! And I am just glad that "Naughty Potter" is in my collection. :)

darkship said...

WOO HOO! Love your girls Mike and Hermoine is one of the best! Love her!!