Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Draw: Star Wars Jabba The Hutt

At Megacon this year I was invited to participate in a How To Draw Star Wars panel. I prepared two sessions, one featuring the Rancor and the other Jabba The Hutt.
I figured my blog should be educational as well as entertaining. (well somewhat entertaining)
So here is my first ever How To Tutorial featuring everyones favorite slimy gangster from a galaxy far, far away!

So first and foremost, you want to start with a simple shape. As most artists know, you can draw pretty much everything using basic shapes and pieces. Here we have a piece of doody looking shape. More like a foot, or a kidney.

Once you have your basic Jabba shape, you want to add arms. Jabba has small arms compared to most of his massive fleshy body. Not quite T-Rex small, but tiny nonetheless. Give him a tail as well. You can have it resting down the way he usually seems to have it, but in this case I thought it's be funny to give him a curled elf shoe vibe.

Next we have Jabba's facial features. Pretty much everything on that mug is turned downward. Like he's sleepy, slimy, and unhappy.  His mouth-al region stretches almost the entire length of his head and his eyes are pretty buggy as well. Give him two nostrils. One slightly larger than the other. I am guessing that's the one he seems to pick at the most.

You can add even more depth to his expression by giving him eyelids and an open mouth. Open, because we all know Jabba likes to hear himself speak. And I get the feeling he likes to eat as well. In this step you can also give him some little sausage fingers so he can eat said food.

Time to finish up his deep, mean eyeballs, and add the fun stuff. All the juicy rolls of goosh and flab. You can reference those by adding chunk lines here and there. Be sure to give him that lovely double chin. Jabba's arms are a bit differently textured than the rest of his body. They have lines that run down from shoulder to palm.

Once you have all your details in place and are happy with the composition, go in and add inks of you so desire. I'm sure his excellency would appreciate it if you gave him drool, snot and sandy sweat to complete his nasty look.

Lastly, once your inks are done, you can add color until your heart's content. Slime him up!
Jabba's is a sunny mustardy color, with slight hints of toe jam green for good measure. Of course you can experiment with the colors to get a greasy Jabba of your own. Other than that, you are ready to make most wanted posters for all your Bounty Hunter buddies to feast their eyes on!

So there we go folks! First How to Draw tutorial complete. What do you think? Would you like to see more of these? Keep in mind that they will usually be in this more simple style so that even the most novice of artists can follow the steps. I'd love to see any of your finished pieces as well.

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