Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slave Leia .... gotta love her

It's so late tonight. Or early in the morning, whichever you want to go by. But I am sick as a dog, or my allergies are bothering the crap outta me. I tried to sleep but it's hard to sleep comfortably when your eyes feel like they are going to combust and breathing is a struggle. And since clinics don't open until later on, I'm trying to keep busy, without exerting myself.
So what does that mean? New Blog entry, Hooray.
Here is a Slave Leia done as a commission. I went full on watercolor with this baby with the exception of a few marker areas.
I also tried a toonier approach with her as well. Diggin the way old Dead Jabba came out too!
Anyway, more later, I am going to TRY and fall back asleep. Doesn't help that I have to work ALL day tomorrow.
That's all folks.

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