Saturday, February 06, 2010

Apologies to Charles Schultz

This would be one of those "cope" pieces. Often in life when I am in a mood, I draw something to convey that mood. Whether it be happy, sad, whatever. I guess enough time has passed to show this moment in life. When my now defunct marriage was going through it's stages of slow decline, my ex was making new "friends" on of all places Myspace. One of these friends was a guy way out in Riverside California. She had a huge thing for him, conveniently forgetting that she had a husband as well. They exchanged phone numbers and one day when her phone rang I saw the caller ID. It was him, he who she had so affectionately dubbed her "Snoopy."
If the punch to the face wasn't enough, she had to go and take one of my beloved childhood favorites and bastardize it by giving her forbidden Myspace love it's nickname.
Needless to say from that point forward I started to have a huge distain for Snoopy and the Peanuts in general. Everytime I saw them I saw the guy my ex was making a play for.
After things had seemingly resolved themselves, we were on vacation in Corpus Christi with her folks. Low and behold, we found ourselves eating at a seafood restaurant called, Snoopy's.
This drawing was a result of my feelings during that meal.

Since sometime has passed since that disaster has sailed it's course, I find myself coming back to terms with the Peanuts gang. But I figured it was a funny enough drawing, and now as I look back on it, an even more absurd tale.

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