Monday, February 01, 2010

Clone Wars Widevision Returns

Miss me? Wow, getting close to 2 months since I posted anything. Truth is I have been battling a bout of depression since after the holiday. Visiting my girls and leaving them is always so hard, and the holidays seem to add to that. It's nothing clinical, just a series of hard times and rough spots. Through it all I think the artwork has kept me somewhat sane. And I am hoping I see a silver lining in my future.
I wrapped up 200 Star Wars Galaxy 5 cards but I am behind in showing these, my Clone Wars Widevision returns. I have one more not shown here as well.
Enjoy, two of them are still available for sale. The Ventress, and the Grevious vs the Troopers. If you are interested in either of them, feel free to comment or contact me.
More soon.

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