Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Survivor Diet begins

I know that it's absolutely frakkin ridiculous, but once I set my mind to something I really want to follow through. The operative word is WANT. Whether or not I'll actually make it all the way is debatable.
I've gotten a little too chubs for my taste. I hate the way all my clothes fit and it's just time.
I've tried the diet and exercise thing before and it slowly led to a few pounds here and there being lost. But I want to get drastic. Just once.
Enter the SURVIVOR diet.
I'm a big fan of the show, and it always floors me how much weight contestants lose at the end of thirty nine days. They basically starve, eating handfuls of rice, some fruit, and the occasional fish or two. I know that many are already telling me that it's not the best decision to basically do the same to lose some weight. BUT, I'm a stubborn dork. I'll give it a shot.
So for the next thirty nine days I have given up all good yummy stuff. I plan on eating a half cup of rice, some sort of plain fish, some fruit and veggies here and there and lots of water. I'll even try to exercise.
Let's see if this accomplishes anything.
Before anyone worries too much, I have told my hunny that should I start to get sick or seem to be in bad shape, that she should immediately run to McDonald's and order me a Double Quarter Pounder.

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locoduckfan said...

Good luck Mike- I hope you meet all your goals!