Sunday, February 05, 2012

Locoduck Race Team Needs YOU!

The girls and I have been training to compete in a family 5K walk/run at Epcot at the end of February! We've decided that since they will be headed back to Texas in the summer, this would be a great memory and challenge to tackle as a family. So far we can do it in under 42 minutes which ain't bad for a somewhat out of shape guy and his two little girls. The time to complete it in is 48 minutes.
We are looking for some sponsors! But we aren't asking for a free ride either!

There are a few tiers I have set up.

Sponsor 1.00 or more, and your name goes on our team shirts!

Sponsor 10.00 or more, get your name on the shirt and a copy of my 2012 Sketchbook with a bust sketch of your choice!!

Sponsor 25.00 or more and get your name on the shirt, the sketchbook, and a Black and White Sketch Card featuring the character of your choice!

Sponsor 35.00 or more and get your name on the shirt, the sketchbook, a black and white sketch card, AND a COLOR sketch card with a character of your choice!

Sponsor ONE RUNNER, Maya, Hailey, or ME for 55.00 and get all of the above plus, your name in large Bold as the Gold Sponsor, AND a 9 by 12 color sketch of your choice!!!

If anyone would like to take advantage of these great sponsorships for a good cause, simply paypal me at with the level of sponsorship you wish to contribute!
Want to remain anonymous? You can sponsor any amount using the same paypal address!
We've been working really hard and would love your support! :o)
ALL Artwork will be mailed out the last week of February!

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