Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello 2012

So, here we are, first day, and first post of 2012!
I enjoyed my final few hours in 2011, spending them with my daughters, my love and oddly, my ex-wife. We hung out on the beach of Walt Disney World's Polynesian resort and took in the spectacular fireworks show over the Magic Kingdom skies. Gorgeous night.
Alas, I have a new sketchbook of a year to draw on, and this is my first page. What better way to do that, than to list some resolutions. 
Some of them are cliche, in fact most are, but let's see if 2012 allows me to stay true.
  1. Lose some weight! Lord knows that I have become comfortable in my new relationship and after dealing with some of the stress of last year, I have gained too much weight for my own taste. I don't plan to crazy diet all year. But I would like to lose some weight. Being a slave to the dramatic, I have a radical idea on how to achieve that. I'll get into that plan in tomorrow's entry. That is a great segue into resolution 2!
  2. POST MORE BLOG ENTRIES! My line of work requires a ton of social networking and internet promotion. My good pal Kenny Durkin has it down to a science. He's posted a new blog entry everyday for like two years. This year, if I can do even half that, I'll be happy.
  3. Do more shows. In 2011 I participated in a record number of shows and conventions. 9 shows to be exact. This year I want to do more. I have so much fun doing them and it's fun to keep my crew involved. so look for me at more conventions, shows, festivals, and fairs. 
  4. Roll out some webcomics. My mind continues to overflow with ideas, and this year I'd like to set them free. In turn allowing me to collect them and make more comic books. 
  5. Move back to Orlando. Living out so far is starting to become a drag. And I miss the "big" city. It'll also save me some gas.
  6. Get caught up and stay caught up with my commissions. I'm sure many of you are reading that and rejoicing at the possibilities. 
  7. Sell more work on ebay. I have tons of it, why not make it more available to you guys. I don't need it cluttering the house. 
  8. Get my finances in order. Hey, who doesn't have this on their list of New Years Resolutions? Everyone wants that.
  9. Go to Wrestlemania 28. This one should be fairly easily attainable. And fun! The Rock vs John Cena in Miami should be freaking EPIC!
  10. Lastly, continue the drama free life. Since I've been involved in my new relationship, seas seem to just move along so peacefully. It leads to happiness, and love, and just feels right. The stress free relationship is pretty damn amazing. It also allows me to be a better father, companion, and man. 
SO, there they are. Quite an undertaking, but maybe not anything too far fetched or unattainable. Best get to work on that list now!

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