Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of those bad nights

I came home from work tonight only to find that my girlfriend hadn't been home yet. So I tried texting and tried calling, but got no answer. Now she is a hard working teacher, always dedicating herself to her kids and her classroom, so staying late is no big deal, she does it often. Still, as 1 am trickled in, I started to become un-nerved. Was she okay? Was she cheating on me? Her daughter had not heard from her either, so I jumped in my car, and made the drive down to her school. Nothing. Then I swang by her mom's house. Not there either. I started to boil over, get a little angry. Lord knows based on my marriage and the infidelity that came from my ex-wife, that I have issues with insecurity.
So I made my way home, sat in the living room trying to work and waited. Waited, and waited more. Finally around 4 am there was a key jingle at the front door. As it opened I heard her speak, and then I heard a male voice respond. My heart started racing, I clenched my fists. How was I going to handle THIS? Then the door pushed open further, and I saw her silhouette and then HIS! WTF!?! She had brought another man into our home!? I was about to scream, when I heard her crying, and the I heard the man speak again. This time there was a familiarity to his voice. Then finally the light bulb hit. It was her step-father.
Come to find out she had stopped at the store on the way home from work, and evidently passed out in the parking lot. When she came to, she was in the hospital attached to an IV and all kinds of little electrode things. Her phone had died, and her mom didn't know my cell number. My sweet little bonehead of an almost step-daughter hadn't answered her phone when they tried her. I was relieved and horrified all the same. I kept picturing my baby sprawled out on the ground. Had she hit her head? How long was she there before anyone noticed? She said the doctors almost had to hook her up to a respirator because she was non-responsive.
I kind of wanted to kick myself for even thinking she'd strayed, but you know given my history, you may understand why I did.
Needless to say, I spent the last three hours by her side, and counting my blessings she's okay. But now I'm pooped, emotionally drained and in need of a nap.


BILLSID said...

Wow, scary stuff Mike! Hopefully just a freak thing for your GF. Thoughts and prayers to both of you.

rick said...

hope all is well

Frank Zieglar said...

Glad it worked out and she's OK.

I always assume an accident and a hospital, but it's still gut wrenching not knowing being worried.