Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mandy Cards from 5finity

Steven Frank and 5finity productions opted to put together a card set based on Dean Yeagle's super sexy character Mandy. I was invited to contribute sketch cards to the set as a rare artist. Meaning I only contributed the above 8 cards. It was an awesome honor to be a part of the set, especially because of Dean's influence on my work and my love for the character. I put as much effort into the cards as I could and had a blast. the first three cards were my returns, and the other five went into packs. So needless to say pulling one of mine is tough chore. Of my returns, the Dino Mandy has been sold to someone attempting a master set, and I gave Dean Yeagle the Cheerleader card as a token of my appreciation. So that leaves me with one. The Mermaid Mandy. The card is not only my remaining return, but is also signed by Dean Yeagle. At this point I am keeping it for myself. But you know, money talks. LOL.
Anyway, this was great fun! The next one to be released was even more of a killer!

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