Friday, October 09, 2009

Things to come

I've been slaving away over a portfolio/valentine book of sorts. It's all about Indiana Jones, and is in full color. It's called the Book of Jones, and it will be ready in time for Star Wars Fan Days 3.
So how can you get one? Well chances are you can't. See it's not a book I will be selling. It's going to have an excruciatingly limited print run and the only way to get it, is if I give it away. I am handing them out to a select few as gifts and I may give away a few extra to some customers. But it's totally NOT for profit. Just for fun, as a way to give something back.
I'll post more images from it as the show gets closer.


darkship said...

Sounds cool. Can't wait to see more pics!

BILLSID said...

Thanks for the tease Mike!! This books looks to be off the hook!!!