Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Sketch Cards and such

I'm pretty swamped with thought right now. Something massive is looming and although decisions have been made and actions are about to take place, I am still certain this current private issue will haunt me for the rest of my life and hopefully not after.
Regardless, I am trying to continue updating my blog with certain frequency.
And as the title says I'm giving away free sketch cards. Unfortunately they aren't the ones pictured up top. Those are just a few Indy Masterpiece Panoramics I wanted to share. I thought they were fun.
What I am giving away this week is a free Sketch Card from Lord of the Rings Masterpieces. You don't get to see who it's by, or what it's of. That's part of the surprise. But I don't really collect Sketch cards myself, so why not pass them on to you.
How do you win? Well you just comment. That simple. If you comment on one of my posts from this point forward, you get your name thrown into the weeks drawing. One entry per comment in each entry. So if I I do three different blog posts and you comment in each one, you get three entries. I will draw a name at random next Thursday. Then I'll send the winner the card free of charge. Not a bad incentive for typing a few words huh? You don't have to be a blogger member to comment, but if you do, at least include a first name so I know who wins.
So get to commenting, there is swag to be had!!!

8 comments: said...

really love your sketch cards - always unique, PLUS they have action & memorable scenes, where other artists just show generic character headshots - TOP NOTCH!

Anonymous said...

I've got several of Michael's Sketch Cards. They run the gamut from a Super Deformed Tusken Raider to a very sultry Slave Leia to one of the most intense Mace Windu cards that I've ever seen to a piece that really touched my heart. Great guy, great cards!


Anonymous said...

The "Intense" Mace Windu can be seen in Michael's Master Windu Post. Mike, I know this only counts as one, but I wanted to direct people to your kick ass art!

weasel-king said...

I love how the evil monkey seems to be copying Mola Rom's expression!


Brent Ragland said...

Your work is awesome. I visit the blog every day just hoping something new is posted. I'm excited to hear you will be updating more frequently. I especially love your sketch cards - hope to get one!

locoduckfan said...

Great idea Mike! I've been collecting your cards since LOTR Masterpieces II, and was even lucky enough to get a few LOTR Masterpieces, and I try to check your blog every few days. My favs are the Clone Wars Returns and commissions I got from you a few months ago- awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have a blog Mr. Loco!!! :) Love your work...and can't wait to see more of it!!!

froz1 said...

I really love your Sketch Cards! I've got quite a few of your indiana Jones ones, I like the fact that you take the feel of the scene or character and use your own style, which differentiates your work from other artists, as the finished cards don't look like they have come from the same source material as everyone else.

Keep uo the good work.

Thumbs up!