Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Comics

So some of you may or may not realize this, but comics have always been my first love. I would love to one day get to write and or draw for one of the big names. But until that day, I have plenty of stories to tell on my own. And I have even published several of them with a HUGE thanks to Ka-Blam comics. Not only are the books quality, but so are the people that run the show, Barry and Jenni Gregory, Thomas Florimonte and Mikey McElroy.
So what I am doing starting this week is making my books available for you guys to read free. I'd love to get everyone's input on the stories as they become available.
To bribe you for your comments I will be giving away one free Personal Sketch card of the winners choice pulled from all comments made on different posts this week. In addition, I will give away one free Sketch Card at random to one person who comments in this week's comic's thread.
So that means my readers have a chance at winning two free sketch cards this week.
Tragic the Clown will be the first comic posted!
Thanks to everyone for their comments and support so far.
And congrats to last week's sketch card winner. Brent Ragland. Drop me an email at Brent and we can get you set up.


Anonymous said...

Great idea Mike. In all honesty, I never even knew you had these comics available. I'll be sure to check 'em out when they're available and tell some like minded buddies - anything that helps spread your skills to a wider audience has gotta be cool eh?

Even projects featuring clowns....

Steve 'Slippy' Manser

Anonymous said...

Michael, I'll give 'em a read and get you some feedback.

Congrats Brent on winning the Sketch Card.

Take it easy, Adrian

Frank Zieglar said...

Ka-Blam rocks. Looking forward to the upcoming posts.

locoduckfan said...

Mike- I really enjoyed your "It Came From the Pond.." so I'm sure your new ventures will be successful. You make it fun to read- I get into the pictures then want to read them. Good luck..