Sunday, January 13, 2008

Puffer and His Jelly Samich

The theme this week at Toon Weekly was Under the Sea. I liked this challenge a lot because it forced me to think outside the mermaid box. My buddy Keelan talks about how tiring drawing mermaids can get at work, and he was right. So I wanted to go somewhere else under the sea.
I thought of the types and new I wanted a little fat fish. No more perfect candidate than the puffer. It occurred to me that the stereotypical "fat kids" like to eat paste. But that didn't work for me, so I decided he needed a sandwich. And at a young age all kids seem to love PB&J. So I figured I'd stick a jelly fish in that bread and wa-la! I give you Puffer and his "Jelly" sandwich.

BTW, all my Lord of the RIngs cards are done and on their way to Topps. Action and adventure await, as I can hear that box of Indiana Jones cards calling.

Have a great week everyone.


John Duckett said...

I really like your style. This is a great idea and design.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing looks great, but I especially like the bread.

Anonymous said...

It good to see you think out of the box. Yes it is a great idea

Anonymous said...

This is just great.. Really like your style DAD