Tuesday, January 01, 2008

08 please be great.

Happy New year to my three readers. It's always nice to bring in a new year. Kind of dust off the crap the manifested itself in 07. So of course, I have promised my self some changes, resolutions etc for 2008. I really need it to be a good year! And I hope it brings good fortune to you as well.

There will be some new projects, and a new web overhaul in the next month or two, but for now, here is my latest entry to Toon Weekly's challenges. The theme was CYBORGS. One of my favorite cyborgs has always been Gizmo Duck from duck tales. I always thought he should have his own series. So I decided to humanize him up a bit and add a few modifications. Here he is in action.

It's getting harder to complete these though. Especially when I have 300 sketch cards still waiting to be finished....So back to work on those.


Anonymous said...

I knew that the picture looked somewhat familiar. Hope that 08 is great for everyone!
Brandon - prospect5000

Kenny Durkin said...

'08 WILL be great. I just know it. Great cyborg too, by the way. Now back to work, mister!

rick said...

4 readers ... happy new year. can't wait to see more marvel characters drawn by you.

Anonymous said...

Really love your cyborg, Mike. I hope you find time to join in each week on the challenges as I'm really enjoying seeing your work. Happy new year mate!

Tim Gardner said...

I think we all agree that 2008 is gonna be a special year. We'd better stop saying that, however, or we'll jinx it! lol ...Hope to see ya at the picnic tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Mike. You know, Ducktales was my all time favorite cartoon...still love watching it. Must remind me of my favorite ducks.

Love ya!