Friday, June 17, 2011

WWE Caricatures

I've had my ups and downs with being a WWE fan. In high school I was a rabid obsessed beast. I watched every pay-per view, bought every magazine and toy, and went to every event that came to town. I even won an art design competition with the WWE magazine. My favorites bounced back and forth between, The Ultimate Warrior, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Mr. Perfect, and Bret The Hitman Hart!
 Those who know me know that for a while I got to be a pretty good friend of The Hitman. Getting to hang with him backstage, travel with he and his wife at the time, and even chatting on the phone and grabbing dinner with him. After the WWE screwed him, I became disinterested with most of what was out there. And when Bret suffered a stroke, I walked away from the show all together.
 Eventually I came back around. Watching some of it here and there. But it wasn't until Bret came back, that I did too. Now once again I find myself a pretty big fan. I'm not as rabid as I once was. I don't order every show, or buy all the toys. And I don't wait around trying to get autographs anymore. Although, meeting the MIZ would be awesome!
Needless to say, wrestlers are an easy go to when I am at work and need to draw someone for attention. Usually they are always recognized by quite a few, and I enjoy drawing them. I even take them to an event if I go to one. The John Cena and Randy Orton pics even got some screen time on an episode of RAW! Not pictured here are a few that some wrestlers have even signed for me out of appreciation.
I don't keep them. I actually give them away, but I am very selective to who. If I come across a fan who seems to be as rabid as I was, or a young fan who enjoys the WWE, I have no problem adding to their enjoyment!
On a side note, as cool as it was to hang with Bret back in the day, I can't even get him to retweet or respond to ANY of my tweets. Ugh, well I guess I got lost in the shuffle of a billion fans. But I won't give up on trying. I follow my past favorite Bret The Hitman Hart ( @brethart ) and my current day favorite The Miz (@mikethemiz )
You can follow almost ANY wrestler on Twitter nowadays. It's a good thing past me didn't have that ability. I'd have never left the house!

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darkship said...

Those are great Loco! If you ever do a Rey Mysterio I'd love to see it. He's my son's favorite wrestler. I saw the Raw where you got the screen time and had to give a big shout out that I knew who that was! Keep up the great work