Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Patch with a Cause

So the good news is, I now have internet and cable in the home again. It was like a Christmas morning to get my own quick connection. For the foreseeable future there will be regular updates and even a step back into Ustream broadcasts.

Lots to blog about, but for now something really important. I was contacted and asked if I would allow the use of the artwork I did of pink astromech droid R2KT to be incorporated into a patch that would be sold with every dime going to charity. Here is more info as taken from

"In response to the devastation suffered in Missouri and Alabama recently, R2-KT is offering a limited run of "Fan Club" patches to raise money for the Red Cross. Each patch is $10 and all proceeds go to benefit the Red Cross. Order as many as you like by sending a paypal payment to "

These guys are a class act and deserve the support. They are down to about 40 patches. Lets help them sell them all!

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Kenny Durkin said...

Ordered two!