Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So December and January  have been some trying and tough months for the duck, but have also included some truly amazing moments! In mid November I got word that due to some unfortunate events, my daughters would be coming to live with me for the time being.  Now anyone that knows me, realizes that this is indeed one of the best pieces of news I could get. Especially since prior to that they were living a thousand miles away. I was a little upset to say the least that they were basically kicked out, but thrilled at the idea of having them here.
The thing that scared me though was that I was living in a hotel at the time and very close to penniless. I managed to pull together the funds to go and get them, but upon returning, realized that a hotel room is not a home for my girls. Fortunately, thanks to the power of prayer and a BIG assist from my Florida family, we were able to be in an apartment by the New Year!
We don't have much, (they sleep on an air mattress for the time being) but at least it's a home, and we are together! If anyone wants to donate furniture (contact me via email) or funds, the paypal is ;0)
So while mom gets her situation worked out, daddy has his babies home. And that makes me happy. It made for a GREAT Christmas present.

Due to the tightness of funds, I have NO Cable...and worse NO INTERNET. So forgive the sparse updates and communication. Most of what I do, I do on my cell phone.

I will also be attending Wizard World Miami in February! And Megacon in March!

Just wrapped up sketch card work on various projects including Star Wars Galaxy 6, Lady Death, and Femforce!

In the works are projects with Upperdeck (Marvel Beginnings, and Thor) 5Finity (Manga Mandy, Sheena) Badaxe studios (Dungeon Dolls) and Sadlittles (Luxura)

Pair all this with the big news above, and things are looking pretty good!

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Keelan Parham said...

Awww, they look so beautiful... and HAPPY!
So glad they're here with you, buddy. I'll keep on praying!