Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is another sweet piece of news that happened over the holidays, but I am just now able to share. And believe me, it's been tough holding it back.
But yes it's true. There is going to be a new MRS DUCK!
I'd been putting pennies together for a while. Scraping and scrounging. Early in November I finally had the rock in hand. It was just a matter of being sure, and finding the right moment, because Lord knows, I am all about the moment.
To celebrate our two year anniversary, my baby took me out to St. Petersburg for a romantic and high class dinner at Chateau France. The whole night was gorgeous, and the ring was snug in my pocket. But that moment was so elusive.
Then over desert, as she was nibbling on her Crepes Suzette, a small drizzle of ice cream slipped off her fork and onto of all things, HER RING FINGER! It slowly draped itself over and formed a sweet, cool, creamy band, and at that moment I KNEW!
SO I popped down on one knee, saying it was time.
She tensed up. A good, anxious tension. A smile and a small look of sweet but excited fear crept into her brow. "It's time?" she claimed.
I told her that I felt alive when I was with her, and that my life with her was an adventure I wanted to share forever.
The yes came quickly, without hesitation.
Moments later, we were serenaded by a French song bird. As I held my future wife's hand, La Vie En Rose whispered softly in the background.
High on the moment and a bit of bubbly, we took a crisp nights walk to the bayside. There, after sharing a romantic kiss under twinkling Christmas covered trees, I took my beautiful queen by the hand and we climbed into a Cinderella horse drawn carriage. Ending the evening in an embrace and a ride around the park.
To say I am happy is an understatement. Summer of 2012 Jaime Turner will complete me!


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darkship said...

Congrats Michael!! Good news on good news for you hope this is a great year for you!

locoduckfan said...

Congrats Mike! Thanks for sharing the good news with us!