Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ready for Business LOCODUCK STUDIOS

Hah. Well there are a few more things that I need to add to it, but alas, my baby is born. For years now I have so wanted a tudio space of my own. After all for the longest time my studio space consisted of my lap.
So when it was time to move, I made sure I found a place where I could set up shop.
Low and behold, we found one.
Here is the Locoduck Studio in all it's rough glory. I'll be spending entirely too much time here I'm sure. So I made sure to leave a space where my girls can hang out as well. And thanks to that amazingly large drawing table (thanks Ted, Kenny, and ESPECIALLY KEELAN), there is enough room for me to draw side by side with my 6 year old.
Now that my domain is in order, it's back to work. On commissions, personal projects, and oh yeah, that HEROES thing.


Kenny Durkin said...

It's even more impressive in person folks; a perfect blend of geeky/cool. This is an environment created solely for the purpose of fostering creative awesomeness. I suspect we will soon see many amazing things coming from the lair of the Duck.

Tim Gardner said...

AWESOME!... Uh, how do you fit the car in there?

Ted said...

Car not needed, however a couple of cars were drawn in there the day I was there.

Glad to help, yes Kenny if right geeky/cool! I am excited about what will come out of the pond next!!