Friday, June 29, 2007

Chris Benoit

Talk about strange, shocking and depressing all in one. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a big fan of wrestling. And Canadian wrestlers are pretty close to my heart because of my short friendship with Bret Hart.
And I was just like everyone else in the respect line for Chris Benoit. So you can imagine my horror when I stumbled on to the net a few days ago and came across headlines of Good bye Chris, and Benoit dead.
As I read further into the headline I saw that his family was gone too. I wondered immediately had if they'd been in an accident?
But the details that have now emerged have made me sick and sad at the same damn time.
And I ask myself why?
I actually had the chance to meet Chris Benoit and his son out at Disney about two years ago. And He seemed so nice, so calm. They were trying to grab a soda refil in the food court of The Caribbean Beach. Unfortunately for them the building had closed. Fortunately for them, I was a Chris Benout fan, so I let them in, so long as he'd pose for a photo.
Hmm. I have it somewhere, but at this point I'm afraid to look for it.
Me and a murderer side by side. Two very different fathers.
The same goes for this piece I post today.
A part of me thinks I shouldn't have drawn or finished it. But how do you differentiate the talent and career of Chris Benoit, respected wrestler, from Chris Benoit : Killer?
Can you? Do we just forget the accomplishments? And figure it as good riddance to him, and prayers for them?
There seems to be all kind of conspiracy theories abound about what might have gone down. Fingers pointing to the possible "Chris was framed" angle.
I don't know what to ultimately make of it except for this.
Three lives are gone and nothing is going to bring any of them back.

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I'm a huge WCW fan - live near atlanta GA, which is where WCW wrestlers retire. I live 2 blocks from Buff Bagwell & Rick Steiner. (I'm scheduled to have lunch with Rick because he's on our local school board, go figure). Anyways - yes, this is TRAGIC with Benoit, but I guess I'll hold my feelings in check until more evidence comes forward. He's a great performer, but potentially a twisted family man. ... (BTW - super art!)

rick said...

Forget free art- well dont - but like this art is too sweet for words. Throw it in the store and i'll be stopping in.

yes this is a tragic incident and never should have happened. how wasteful that 3 lives lost here.

Anonymous said...
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