Sunday, April 08, 2007

Reality TV Junkie.

Okay, so I am addicted. I enjoy the hell out of reality tv shows. But they've become overwhelming, and now it seems I don't want to keep up with any of it anymore. But in all fairness I was digging "GREASE: You're the One That I Want". And I have to admit that I called the winner of the Danny part from the start. Good Old Max Crumm, (sorry Keelan.)

And eventhough I thought he had talent...WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH SANJAYA on American Idol. I found him likeable during the audtion phase, but now...ugh. I feel bad for the kid. I wonder if he realizes what a butt of the joke he's become. I think if I were him, I'd just quit. But I guess it shows that perhaps American Idol, is becoming Green Day's American Idiot. Because that's what the voting public is becoming.

Oh and PS, yeah the drawings are mine. Look what Loco can do with a sketchbook and a few bored minutes.
Hope everyone had a better Easter than I did.

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