Thursday, April 05, 2007

Meet the Robinsons

Okay so I'd seen the previews, and to be honest the movie didn;t seem too appealing to me. Aside from the obvious reference to Tommorrow Land, it didn't say Disney to me.
But yesterday I decided to treat my oldest daughter to a movie after school and I let her choose the flick. I was really trying to persuade her to see TMNT, but alas, those darned 3D glasses were too enchanting for her to pass up.
I, being the duck fan that I am, was delighted to see a 1955 Donald Duck short before the movie in 3D as well.
The movie started a tad slow I must admit, and as it picked up steam, it got confusing to a degree, as most sci-fi cartoons tend to do...IE Treasure Planet.
But once the movie hit cruise control, I fell in love with it. It has a lot of Disney Heart in it, and the characters become quite endearing. You quickly realize that it isn't so much about time travel and sci-fi, as it is about family.
The music is modern and fitting, and damn good. And the CGI that seems to be littering the market, was well suited for this show, as I couldn't envision it anyway else.
Far better than Chicken Little, I walked out of there feeling pretty good, and the Walt Disney quote that wraps it all up, helped scream Disney to me at the end.
Check it out if you can.

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