Thursday, February 22, 2007

Time to take a (caricature) dump

Here are several caricatures from the past few months. Just a little reminder, that eventhough I was slaving over the comic book stuff, I was till working at the greatest job in the world.


Kenny Durkin said...

Really though, what are you on? Can I have some? And I'm going to need to take twice as much of it to get half as good as you are.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap Mike! You went from being good, to being WTF good!
Seriously, after you give that Rat Bastard his share, throw some my way....

Cereal Killer said...

Hi Loco one.
Your caricatures are great, man.
I have only made those when i were on university and highschool, then, i do not know why, i stopped doing those.
You have a great skill, dude cause you got the real essence look of all of them.


( =_=)

AGS said...

The one of the little boy Connor is my favorite - so cute!