Sunday, February 18, 2007

Megacon Day 3

Well, I missed a day so I'll double up on the photos. Megacon is now in the bag, but what a blast it was. Met a lot of great people, drew some cool pics, was inspired by the massive talents, and was able to spend a ton of bonding time with my oldest daughter. She hung with me all three days of the show! I would have liked to shop a little more, but I was too busy drawing.
I have some books left for anyone who may be interested. I'll post info here soon on pricing. In the meanwhile, here are some photos of work I did at the con.
It was a good time. Thanks also again to my pals at , I enjoyed the high quality of work, and the dinners afterward!!!!


Keelan Parham said...

Cool pics, Loco. Great work on those con sketches, too. They got a bargain! Really dig the tragic book I bought (even WITH that ending I didn't know about), and the sketchbook is so cool I've re-read it three times already. Tons of sketches in there!

Piotr said...

wish there was a con closer by, great hula girl:P