Monday, August 17, 2020

The Gang is Back


Truth is I took a small break from Life N Death. Not from working on it, but just from posting. I still have plenty of strips to run, but depression got the best of me and started playing games with my self esteem. 

I started telling myself that people weren't reading it, that they didn't like it. That they needed a break.

So I gave them one, whether they actually needed it or not. 

In some ways I hope you missed it, and wondered where the strips had gone. But if I can be honest, in other goes much deeper.

I had to remind my self that I started this web comic for myself first and foremost. To help ME cope with the darkness that would randomly fall over my mind. 

Here we are 5 months into this pandemic, and life is still doing its nasty little dance. It feels like we've lost even more and that there isn't a lot of hope in sight. It also has allowed me to feel defeated. 

So I'm bringing Jack, Kermeet and Mister D back from their very brief mini vacation early. They're back to give me some focus. Some clarity.

And hopefully to bring you guys the occasional laugh.

Have a great week everyone.

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