Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm Not A One Trick Pony!

Drawing on the road again. Headed home to Orlando. This time I'm doin. A character study for my upcoming Sugar Boogarz book. From issue 4...Beware the Lickubus Beast. I've been really focused lately on my creator owned comic. This should've been a thing in 2014 but life took me on a different path. There's been so much rumblings of the issues in artist alley lately that I wanted to prove I wasn't a one trick pony. I've always had a passion for drawing comics of my own creation. Since middle and high school I've been doing it. But lately the focus of my universe has been fan art. It's what you guys love and to a degree I love doing it as well. But I have lots of stories to tell. And I'm really hoping that you'll start supporting those as well. I'm not saying I'm giving up on fanart, but I am shifting some of my attention back to the stuff that really makes me happy. Drawing my own comic books and stories. Please, join me, support them and take part. If you're at a show buying 25 dollars in prints, maybe consider asking me about my books and picking up a book or two. Let's see if this experiment works. Let's see if the main attraction at my table can become MY art, and MY stories! I promise...they'll be every bit as moving as my fanart. :)

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