Sunday, May 15, 2016

Somethings coming....

What a way to end my night.

This post maybe a bit of a soapbox, but injuring my drawing hand put a bunch of things in perspective for me. 

I know there's a bit of a debate out there among artists and people in general about our skill. There are those people who will look at our ability to create art as a "gift." 

I believe in that notion as well. 

Now I can already see a ton of artists pulling their hair out because I agree with that point. 

But there are a few reasons why I do. One....because I AM religious and I do believe God has a hand in things. I won't argue or debate religion with those of you who don't believe that. You're entitled to feel what you feel. 

But ultimately I believe I was born with a gift. That we all were. LIFE, is a gift and we all have to work at it. Some are gifted in other ways, I was blessed with an ability to make art.

And two....The rest was up to me. That's where I believe that studying, and honing my gift over years and years comes into play. I've poured blood, sweat and tears into my craft and I always will. If I don't nurture and work hard at it, it will die out. 

When I hurt my hand, I found myself praying...a lot....for healing, for another chance to keep going. And ever since, I've been working my ass off to get back to where I was. 

I've been blessed to continue on that path. And I want that path to lead me back to telling stories with my art. 

I've always loved comics, and as far back as I remember, I've drawn them. 

I started a project called Sugar Boogarz back in 2013. Yes it's been that long. I was supposed to have an ongoing title, plus a webcomic kicking off in 2014. But due to life, and work....plenty of blessed to be busy work....I've never fully realized that potential. 

Now that my hand is in somewhat working order, I HAVE to see it through. 

A few months before my accident, I had created a piece of art that I framed in my studio of these Sugar Boogarz characters and they were asking why I had abandoned them. 

I looked at that piece everyday and could never answer myself why. 

So I've decided to put my gift to use. And tonight I drew a new page of my book. And tomorrow, I'll do the same.
And I'll continue to do so until I accomplish my goal. 

For those of you who are waiting on commissions....don't fret. I'm going to work on those and get one to two done a day and work on my personal comic project at the end of the night. Like I did today. 

Tonight I knocked out a 5 character digital commission and then did this page. 

We're back on track..... 

And what does Glee have to do with ANY of this? 

Well I've started and stopped and restarted the series a few times. I love it to pieces. But could never get past season 2. I'm happy to say I'm two episodes into season 3 now. And this particular episode ended with a fantastic rendition of Something's Coming from West Side Story by Darren Criss. 

I felt pretty good about myself.... and my gift....and my accomplishments. And as I looked at my page, I kinda sang along with the lyrics ....

"Somethings coming, something 

Thanks for reading, and for all your love and support.

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