Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Unexpected Horror and Prayers for Glenn

Details are out there now. It's just a living nightmare. I worked with Glenn Ferguson just a couple of weeks ago at an event he was relatively new to. Although he is a master caricaturist, he still had an eagerness to learn and was over the top complimentary to the rest of us. Just overall a good, good guy.

Early on New Years morning, he was barbarically attacked and stabbed in the neck and head with scissors by a co-worker let go the day before. He didn't deserve this at all. It's crazy to think that this could happen, especially in a low risk job like ours. This horrid event has brought our community of caricature artists together and everyone is pulling for Glenn. A go fund me account has been set up to help out with his medical bills.

Check it out

The extent of his injuries is still unknown, but I fear for him and his passion to create. If you're the praying type please keep he and his wife and family in your prayers.

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