Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

It's going around. Beyond viral. Everyone is doing it, joe average to joe celebrity. 

The ALS ice bucket challenge. 

There are those who might knock it as just a cry for attention, and there are definitely those who complete it, but not quite correctly.

The idea is, donate 100 bucks to the ALS, if you can't, then donate 10 bucks and dump a bucket of ice water on your head. Challenge 3 others, and it spreads like wild fire. 

Usually you have 24 hours to do this. I was challenged yesterday by two different fellas. But since we were at the parks it was hard to find a bucket of ice water at Epcot. 

I improvised. 

Cup of ice water to the head, followed by a few repeated lashings of cold jet stream water whips blasting from the jumping fountains at Journey to Imagination. 

You can see the video on my page.

Toni and I are donating to the cause as well. It's super worthy. I've done a bit of research and what these warriors with Lou gherigs disease go through is extremely hard to see. 

So take a moment and donate a few bucks even if you don't have an ice bucket, a cup of ice water, rocketing water blasts or a commanding audience to witness it.

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