Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey everyone! At New York Comic Con I launched my new comic book SUGAR BOOGARZ! Using the popular cute art style, I created a whole Glucose Galaxy where an evil Tyrant Tooth and his Frankenbroc right hand are attempting to extinguish any and all sweet and cute critters! Graham and his band of Gingy Ninjy's have formed a rebellion to overthrow Adolfo Rootless and return peace to their lands. I created a limited run of New York Comic Con exclusive variants! Each book has an original piece of random art inserted into it and a chance to win a free commission! I have a few left. If anyone is interested in buying one and supporting a cool new book, you can message me or comment here. Each book is 10 bucks plus 2 dollars for shipping and handling. I also have a few of the regular cover books for 5 bucks. Please note those do NOT have the free art or chance to win a commission. Thanks for the support guys!
Above is the regular cover to issue #0!

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