Friday, March 15, 2013


Hey look, I'm back!! It's taken forever, but the blog has a new design and is integral part of the new site. (Still in progress) You're best bet is to find the link to my facebook page on the sidebar on the right and follow me there. Soon I'll be adding prints and a host of other things for sale there. I'll be updating this blog more regularly now that it's part of the website, so no more year long hiatuses.

In the meantime, Con Season kicks into high gear for Locoduck Studios starting today. If you are in the  Central Florida area come out and say HI! Pick up some prints or original art. THIS is the print to start with. You'll be supporting two awesome artists, myself and Dennis Hart. He did an amazing job coloring this bad boy!

I'll be adding a bit more to this blog, including a list of appearances and some links. For now, I should sleep for a few hours. Big few days ahead. Take care ya'll!!!

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