Sunday, July 24, 2011

Supercon Wrap up

 Holee cow, I have completely forgotten what I was supposed to be doing here, and that is updating THIS blog. So here are a few snapshots of The goings on at Supercon.
One of the cooler highlights (after hanging with the Harts) was getting to meet Cary Elwes of Princess Bride, Robin Hood Men In Tights, and SAW fame. Maya drew a picture of him as Robin Hood, and he seemed 100 percent genuine. Real good guy!

Another, mean looking but good guy was wrestler RAVEN! After coming by my table and seeing some of my wrestling art, he decided he'd like to have his picture done as well. I was happy to oblige!

Some of my favorite commissions were getting to draw in super artist Banky's Monkey with a Pencil sketchbook. Here was my odd contribution.

Got to draw Doomsday for the first time EVER, on a (oops) Marvel cover.

I did a few caricatures too. Here we have a couple of crazy zombies "Tasting the Rainbow."

But oddly enough, my FAVORITE commission of the show was this one. I was given a sketch book and granted the freedom to draw WHATEVER I wanted to. Don't know how I came up with this one, but there ya go!

Okay, now that the wrap up is out of the way, I can get to a cool announcement.......


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darkship said...

dude! I've hated Elmo sooo much!! Glad to see he finally got what's coming!!!