Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The pains of No Net

Well I was on a roll for a while, updating the blog several times a week. I still do not have internet at my house, and my laptop battery is so old, that it has about 2 minutes of juice before it conks out. So that makes me using wi-fi spots difficult unless I can find a plug.
So my internet interaction right now is limited to the occasional libray visit, what I can do at my fiances school, and my phone.
It was nice for a while when I was able to "borrow" someone's non password protected wi-fi in my apartment complex, but they seem to have moved. Bummer.
My plan is to try and prep a few posts a week and upload them at one of the other internet sites so that I can keep you guys informed and keep the posts coming.
Hope everyone is well!

1 comment:

weasel-king said...

I was expecting an update on my commisisons last week, but i guess I'll cut you some slack now! :)