Monday, October 25, 2010

SAW Week Day one

SO I'm obviously a monster fan of the SAW franchise, and this Friday the final chapter will be told in the forthcoming SAW 3D.
As Jigsaw might say, "I Want to play a game."
To celebrate it's arrival I'm going to be doing one piece a day relating to the films until the 29th when it hits theaters.
Anyone who has seen the movies knows that once the TV set turns on and you see that familiar puppet staring back at you, you'll have some choices to make, and make quickly, or kiss your ass good-bye.
So my game this week, is to save my little Locoduck from a Jigsaw trap by creating a new piece every day until the movie opens. If I succeed, Loco goes free. If I fail, it will be roast duck for dinner. The choice is mine, I must choose wisely. HA HA HA HA HA.
Join me for the ride wont you?

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Michael Herrmann said...

I want to play a game