Friday, July 16, 2010

UP in the Air

I know it's a movie. It's a damn good movie. But oddly enough, I feel somewhat that it is also the point I'm at in life. Oddly there is a bit of a rock bottom I have fallen into. Many fears are lingering, but much promise is on the horizon as well. 
I have been living in a hotel room since the first week in June. It claims to have wi-fi access, but I have to be sitting in the bathroom or on the floor by the door to get any decent access. To make matters worse my passion feels as though it's been ripped away. My entire studio is in storage, and as a result I have been slacking in my art. I feel it, and know I want to draw, but I can't motivate myself to follow through because my creative space is gone. 
Plus a hotel is a not a home. The one salvation is the fact that my daughters are here. At least for now, until mid August. Then I feel as if this place loses all "Home" and becomes a prison. I know that my girlfriend is experiencing much of the same. But many issues led to our forced time off. And it's hopefully only a matter of time before we both make our way back "home."
In the meanwhile I have managed to light the creative fire. I'm drawing again. Forcing myself out of my artistic fail. I'll share work soon, but in the meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying the Boy and His Wookiee strips. 
Here I'd like to share this piece I contributed to an awesome Alice in Wonderland art book entitled "Through the Looking Glass"
Have a wonderful weekend.

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