Wednesday, June 03, 2009

UP from here

Well yes, the post is about UP, (and so is the three minute cave art you see here) and it's about many other things. Beware my readers, it be one of them looong winded posts.
I had the chance to see a few movies over the past week. Some were with my hunny bunny in a theater, while others were playing on the tube while I was working. And although the race was tight, UP edged out Drag Me To Hell by a hair. What a beautiful flick Pixar has put together. I had heard that the first few minutes were better than any love story out there today. And it is so true, once again, the mix of music, beautiful animated human emotions and story that Pixar is so good at floored me. But more on UP in a bit. '

Drag Me To Hell was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. The fact that that my girlfriend wanted to see it was in itself a bit inspiring. To be honest I wanted to see it because the title amused me. So we made our way to a midnight showing, and I was instantly wrapped up in the grossness, the over the top moody sounds, the jump moments, the camp, the soundtrack, the delicious throwback to older horror flick films (right down the oddly grainy projection itself.) I had a really good time at this movie. My brother made a good point though, asking if it was a horror movie or a comedy. I couldn't really answer. I simply said, "It's a Sam Raimi." And a breath of fresh air.

Other movies I saw kind of ran together. Vickie Christy Barcelona, The Spirit, The Wrestler, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Max Payne. Yeah, honestly nothing to write about, (although I really had better hopes for liking The Wrestler)

I managed to get quite a bit of artwork done too. Finished all my Archie cards (scans to come soon), I got several commissions done. Including these delightfully foot filled cards

and the boat caricature below. And I continue to line up my never ending list. I finished a base card for Sadlittles Legend and Lore set (wish I could show it) But I am really enjoying my drawing time.

For those of you waiting on cards, please continue to be patient. I know how hard the wait can be. I am in the same boat, awaiting almost a year now for a sketch. I also must add that my schedule is going to become overloaded the next few weeks since my girlfriend Jaime and I have decided to move in together. We have a beautiful home lined up to rent, and one of the best parts is, I will be bringing my little girls home for the summer. Of course, the move, the trip to get my babies, yeah, it's all happening over the next two weeks. So I beg for your continued tolerance.

Hey by the way, there is a cool blurb about yours truly over on the If you click this link and scroll about half way down, you can catch a glimpse of the duck in all his awkward Animal Kingdom gloriousness.
Locoduck on the

Oh and side note two. I was at church with Jaime a couple of weeks ago, and this passage stuck to me, leading me to evaluate and recognize one thing, ( Corinthians 15:33 says, Do not be mislead. Bad Company corrupts good character.) I AM NOT BAD COMPANY.

Anyway, this I guess brings us back full circle to UP. For those who have seen it, you know the way it ends, with blessing of a new adventure. I have braved through my black clouds. And with my move, my babies, my new love.....the only place life can continue to go is UP. Onwards to adventure a new.

PS Also on a new Upward adventure is my brother from another mother Kenny Durkin. Congrats to he and his new blushing bride Andi. I love you guys!!!


BILLSID said...

Hey Mike the Wilma Deering card looks great! I haven't seen Buck Rogers in ages. Going to take my boys to see UP this weekend. Heard nothing but good things about it. Glad to hear about your move and your daughters coming to stay with you! Should make for a great summer! I was lucky enough to win some of your March of Dimes cards last week Robocop,Cobra Commander and Spidey all look SUPER!! Keep up the great work, looking forward to Legends of Lore. Any chance you can post your IJ masterpiece cards if you have them? Take care.

Keelan Parham said...

I always had a crush on Wilma Deering. Great illo. What are these, foot fetish cards? LOL

Great news about the move, and your girls. Sounds like things are looking up. Couldn't be happier for you. You deserve it.

Kenny Durkin said...

Saw UP last week. Cried approximately fourteen times. Amazing movie!

Thanks for the shoutout. Things are looking UP for me as well.

JimmyPereira said...

This is probably part of the mystery of the movie, but what in the world is "UP" all about? Even after seeing the previews I still have no idea.

Unknown said...

That Claire sketch is great! I'm not a "feet" person, but I still love the sketch :)

and I can't wait to see Raimi's new movie. With you're comment "It's a Sam Raimi"...I'm hoping it is as Awesome as Army of Darkness