Monday, May 11, 2009

Born Again Trekkie

So I have always hated Star Trek. I always thought it seemed like the most boring space adventure out there. Not even close to touching the beauty that is my Star Wars. So when I heard there was a new Star Trek in the works, I rolled my eyes. Then I heard it was a new beginning, and I thought "Oh Great, they are re-creating suck from suck"
Then I saw a preview. "Not bad,not bad at al,"l I thought to myself. Then I saw more previews and I was hooked. I was actually stoked to go check it out. I watched it on Friday and I was blown the frack away. It was spectacular. It was everything that the old Star Trek wished it could be. The new cast gave it such an energy. The special effects were great, yeah, it was oh so delicious. I'm ready to go see it again, and again, and again. My only hurdle to overcome was reminding myself that I wasn't watching Sylar from Heroes, Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, and Harold from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. LOL. I overcame and they kicked all kinds of ass in the movie.
4 Quacks.

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locoduckfan said...

I've never been a big Star Trek fan either, but I gotta agree with you Mike, the new movie is kickin! Definitely worth a sequel or 4..