Tuesday, January 06, 2009

...In with the New.

Let me preface this by saying I am sorry. I am sorry because this will no doubt be the most long winded flow of opinion to escape my fingers in the history of my blog space.

So 2008 bottom line sucked monkey balls. I cannot possibly be happier that it's over. It was so bad in fact that it took me 7 solid days into 2009 to write about it.

"Why Mr. Duck did 08 leave such a horrid taste in your mouth?"

I'm glad you asked.

See 2008 saw the end of an era, which in retrospect probably should have been dead 4 or 10 years ago. 2008 introduced my world to the end of my marriage. And it really wasn't so heartbreaking that the sacred vows of matrimony were shit upon by she who supposedly held it so dear. What hurt the most about it was the fact that as an end result, my two beautiful daughters now live a thousand plus miles away. THAT in itself is what knocked 2008 into the gutter for me. And as a result sent me into a downward spiral. I hit rock bottom, fell behind on my work, became an emotional wreck.

But I suppose it wasn't all bad. After all 2008 brought quite a lot of good. Fucking Indiana Jones was back on the big screen. And for all of you whom may have said it sucked, well I give ye not one, but two ass cheeks by which you can kiss. Movies in general were quite kicking in my opinion. And don't even get me started on the TV I discovered in 08. I finally got into LOST, watched Firefly, discovered George Lopez, and fell completely in love with How I Met Your Mother.

2008 also gave me the opportunity to go to places I had never been. Chicago and Utah. Yeah..well I didn't say they were Awesome places, but they were places nonetheless.

And how can I forget the opportunities I was given to draw Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Marvel characters.

With the breakdown of a once solid (and I use the word solid in jest) relationship, I was given the green light to explore new ones. And explore I did. Sometimes with sitcom like results. I think I drank too much for the first time in 08 as well.
08 did reunite me with family that I hadn't been connected with as much as I'd wanted to be. I plan not to let that gap ever grow again.

And how about that girlish figure of mine? 08 took me from a very tight pushing 40 waist size to a slim 36. Who new working out could be so beneficial?

And one of the more positive notes on 08 had me ending the year in the arms of a gorgeous blue eyed red head.

What does that mean for 2009? Well it's been good so far.
And yeah, this year I actually have resolutions. What they are, well....

1) I need to catch up on my workload. Then once I have, I plan on severely cutting back on my participation in sketch card work. What I do contribute I want to be quality. Plus there simply are other things I want to work on with my art.

2) I want to continue the workout routine. I like having energy, feeling good, and fitting into my clothes nicely.

3) More recipes for the budding young chef.

4) A revamp to my blog, and site. This was actually already in the works until that whole divorce thing derailed it.

And you know, there are more things I want to accomplish in 09. But with the good comes the bad. I for one know that there is a lingering storm approaching, but I have found an abundance of strength and a firecracker that seems to want to get my back this year.

So I'll roll with it, I'll make 09 a thousand times better than 08 ever wished it could be.

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